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Conversations to Cut the Conflict

Lisanne Iriks

HI, I am Lisanne Iriks and I am deeply passionate about people having the ability to resolve conflict powerfully and negotiate effectively in their lives.   I am so passionate about it because I see how much suffering it is causing people on a daily basis and I know that it  just does not have to be this way.  When people truly get how conflict impacts their life and put the work in to get effective at conflict resolution and negotiation,  they get to experience deep connections with other people, freedom, self-expression, love, and happiness!

So what is it that I do? I am a conflict resolution specialist and have been a mediator and facilitator for over 12 years specialising in family mediation and workplace mediation.   I have taken thousands for people through the mediation process and I have had the honour to be a finalist for the  Australian Mediator of the year award for the last two years. I train, coach, and mentor people to become highly effective in conflict resolution and negotiation so they can create the relationships they want in their homes and their boardrooms. 

I am so excited to welcome you to CONVERSATIONS TO CUT THE CONFLICT! This podcast is designed to create actual change in people’s lives and the world. 

I am committed to bringing you the conversations, insight, and tools you need for you to switch on your inner conflict resolution and negotiation muscles and get you to a completely different level where you can resolve conflict powerfully and create the relationships you want in your life. Think about it...what would life be like if you would not be afraid of dealing with conflict and you would deal with it easily and quickly. It would change the game dramatically, wouldn't it?  

Thank you for being here and being willing to have these conversations and switch on your inner conflict resolution muscle. The world needs people like you! 

It would mean so much to me if you could share an episode with the people in your life. I put so much into these conversations and I would like these conversations to reach as many people as possible! Please tag me on Instagram when you share an episode so I can reshare your story. 

It is so great to meet you, now let's get into these conversations…

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